Sun temple of Konark

A panoramic view of Sunrise in the Konark Sun Temple was found which can be seen only once in 200 years. To see this viewer, there is a huge crowd of devotees here.
This Sun Temple of Konark is located near the holy city of Puri in Orissa state. This grand temple is dedicated to the Sun God and is the famous pilgrimage destination of India. Built in the shape of the chariot of the Sun God. This temple is a unique example of India’s medieval architecture. The Sun Temple is known for its wonderful carving on all the stones here.

Sun Temple

sun temple
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This Sun Temple was built by King Narasimha Deo in the 13th century. This temple is known throughout the world for its distinctive shape and sculpture. According to the Hindu belief, there are twelve pair wheels in, The chariot of the Sun God and 7 horses are engaged in it to pull the chariot. This temple of Konark built in the shape of the chariot of the Sun God has stone wheels and horses. As well as excellent carvings on them. The sun statue here has been preserved in the Jagannath temple of Puri and now there is no god idol here.

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The Sun temple also shows the speed of time. Which the Sun God controls. The 7 horses of the temple waving towards the east side are symbols of seven days of the week. Twelve pairs of twin wheels show twenty-four hours a day. While the 8 trunks engaged in them are symbols of the eight hours of the day. Some people believe that 12 pairs of wheels reflect twelve months of the year. Statues are made of many topics and scenes of the stones in the entire temple.

It is believed that in order to celebrate the success of the military force of Muslim invaders. The king had constructed the Sun Temple in Konark. Local people believe that the two powerful magnets situated in, The tower here is the Shaktipunj of the impressive atmosphere of the temple.

15th century, The Sun Temple 

In the 15th century, The Muslim army had looted, the priests of the Sun Temple kept, The statue of the Sun God placed there in Puri and kept it safe. But the whole temple was damaged quite a lot. After this, gradually the sand deposited in the temple and it was completely covered with sand. The sun temple was discovered in the 20th-century restoration under British rule.

In the old times, The Norifal Navy used to navigate with the help of the tower of the temple. But many ships collapsed by colliding with rocks. And that is why these sailors named the Sun Temple as ‘Black Pagoda’. The reason for these accidents of ships is considered to be the powerful magnets of the temple.