If the stomach is not clean properly then adopt these methods

Due to our busy lifestyle and the bad habits of eating habits in today’s life. Many people suffer from some diseases related to stomachs such as gas in the stomach, Acidity, Pain in the stomach and burning sensation. Apart from all this. There is one more problem that many people are worried. That is not to be clean properly. Which is the disease of constipation?

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Some people also use stomach cleansing and stomach up powders for its treatment. But for the treatment of chronic constipation. Medicines have to be kept in mind. Today in this article we will learn how to remedy the stomach by doing Ayurvedic home remedies and household methods.

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First of all, If you do not feel pressure to go to the toilet in the morning. Make some important changes in your diet and routine, Such as taking salads, Fruits, Green vegetables in the food and exercising yoga.

Household remedies for stomach cleansing and home remedies

Most of the diseases occurring in. The body is related to the stomach and if the stomach is bad then the possibility of getting another disease is more. Therefore it is necessary to take steps to clean the belly during the time.

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Mixing a spoonful of honey with light hot water and drinking it a little while before sleeping. The stomach becomes clear the next morning.
Castor oil (castor oil) is quite effective in early home remedies. Taking a little bit of castor oil with a glass of light hot milk before sleeping at night. The belly will be easily cleaned the next morning.

Drink lemon juice. One spoon honey and a little salt in 1 glass lukewarm water. It also cleanses the belly. To clean the belly. This home remedies should be belly in the morning.

How to keep the stomach clean

How to keep the stomach clean, to avoid constipation, eat more such things as fiber content such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and salads. Eating papaya guava also helps keep stomach clear. Cabbage juice and spinach juice are also ways to clean good belly.

Coconut water is also helpful in cleansing the belly. Coconut water daily gets plenty of benefit from drinking empty stomach in the morning.
Drinking a linseed flaxy with a glass of light hot milk at night helps in cleansing the belly.

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To keep the stomach clean. It is important to have good bacteria in the body. So add one to two cups of curd in your diet in the day.
By taking one spoonful of fenugreek with a glass of water at night. The stomach will be cleansed the next morning.

Triphala powders are also quite effective in Ayurvedic treatment to clean the belly. Drink five to six grams Triphala powder with two hundred grams of light hot milk. Baking soda (sweet soda) is also effective in opening constipation. Mix 1/2 to 1 teaspoon baking soda in light lukewarm water and eat it.


Chronic constipation remedy

Soak 25 gms of fennel in the water before bedtime and boil the water containing this fennel in the morning. After boiling, Take the fennel well in the water and filter the water. Now put a small amount of red potato powder in this water and start eating in the morning.

The continuous remedy for old age is correct since one month. Regular yoga is also easy to keep the stomach clean. Baba Ramdev can take Patanjali from the store if you want to take Ayurvedic medicine to open constipation.

Tips for keeping the stomach clean

Due to lack of water, The stool in the belly becomes dry and it becomes constricted. If you have trouble with old constipation or lack of belly. Then drink more water.

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Do not drink water immediately after eating it. If you want to drink 1/2 hour before the meal and if possible. Then in the morning empty belly, A glass of light lukewarm water surely drink.

Tension can also lead to problems of belly discomfort. And avoid avoiding excess stress to avoid this. The body may also get constipated by not getting proper rest. So take a good sleep and get relief from the body.

Caffeine is more in coffee and tea. Which leads to weakening of the digestive system. So be sure to drink tea coffee less.