Paddy weeder machine

Paddy weeder cultivation is a difficult task for the farmers, Because for. This, The farmer has to prepare a paddy nursery and, Then one or two plants are planted. Who spend a lot of time and money. But today there are some machines that will not only save you time but also save money.

Sowing of Paddy weeder from drum sider

Krishi Scientist Institute, Krishi Scientist of Banaras Hindu University, Dr. Regarding the drilling of paddy from paddy, Ram Kumar Singh said, “The farmer has started sowing paddy again after removing the method, but after sowing the method of sowing is not equal in the field, Which is good They do not even yield. “They say,” When the drum is sown from pine, seeds are born together. It is not like that which produces good yields. ”

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Seeding time: drum should be done directly at the beginning of the month before the arrival of monsoon, direct sowing of paddy grown by the pine. Otherwise, after the arrival of monsoon, there is not the proper development of Paddy weeder for excessive irrigation in the area.

Seed Rate: 50-55 kg seeds are required in per hectare to sow directly from drum sider.

Paddy weeder transplant machine

If you want to transplant instead of Bonsai Paddy weeder, you can plant plants with the help of this machine. Fuel is not required in any of these ways, It can easily be planted planting and planting plants easily.

Paddy Weeder Equipment Paddy Nirari-Gudari is Easy

Paddy weeder

The farmer needs wages so that the paddy husk-weeds and weeds are removed. Paddy weeder is a very useful agricultural machine for farmers. Who cultivate paddy. With the help of this machine the farmer, Can not only easily remove the grass, But also reduce labor costs on the farm.

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Sanjay Sinha, A seller who sells agricultural equipment for the last 10 years in Lucknow district, Considers Paddy weeder as a successful tool for farmers of paddy. Sanjay explains, “The farmers who cultivate paddy, They consume The least time to remove the drugs and work in non-dolls. With the help of, The Paddy weeder Machine, We can cultivate and plant in less time It is easy to work. ”

Paddy weeder machine is very light weight, It requires a person to run. To use this tool in the field, It runs slightly in front of the flood zone and goes between two rows. By running it, The weeds become small pieces and are found in the soil. Because of this. There is a process of obtaining soil plants in paddy plants So that the ground is stored in the roots of Paddy weeder. This increases the yield of paddy.

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Paddy Weeder seller Sanjay Sinha further said That we are still selling paddy ferries in districts like Lucknow, Ambedkar Nagar, and Unnao. The price of Paddy Weeder is 1,500 rupees, on the official purchase, Paddy Weeder buys from Rs 1,800 to Rs 2,000, and the government also gives 50 per cent subsidy on it. ”

Automatic Reaper for Paddy Crop

It is run by 1 person. It is harvested from crop land to a height of 3 to 4 inches in crop and crop line. Does it harvest at a height of 120 centimeters? It has been designed with the diesel engine. By catching the handle of this reaper, the farmer has to walk with harvesting.

There is a 5 horse power diesel engine. In this, 1-acre crop takes place in 2 hours and the consumption of oil in it is 2 liters per hour. Its cost is around 95,000