Agriculture is the development of rising crop, fruit, vegetable, flower, fiber and several additional desired foodstuffs by. The farming of certain plant and the rise of domestic animal.  Agriculture is the main movement. In the earth, 50 %of people are engaged in agricultural activity.

2/3 of India’s people are still needy on agriculture.

Agriculture and Farming are equal it’s done by Farmer. The imperative inputs are seed. Fertilizers,  Machines, and farmer are a big power. Reserve to give us food and it’s a major resource for a human being.
  1. Farmers also raise agriculture pulses, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Oilseeds. And such nonfood stuff items as Cotton Tea, Coffee, Rubber, and Jute. Etc.
  2. Second major manufacturer of Wheat and Rice. Second and third major creator of several Dry-fruits, root and tuber crop. And pulse farmed fish, Egg, Coconut, Sugarcane and numerous Vegetable. Etc.

Farming is doing in various ways crossways the earth its depending upon. The physical conditions demand of creating, labor and level of technology; farming can be classified into two major types.  These are survival agricultural and profitable farming.

Continuation Farming Agriculture

This kind of farming is practiced to get together the requirements. The farmer family. Usually, low levels of technology and family labor are used to produce on tiny output.  Continuation farming can be additional confidential as intensive survival. In concentrated subsistence agriculture, the farmer cultivates a small plot of land using easy tools and more labor.

A climate with a large number of day with the sunshine and fertile soil permit rising. More than one crop early on. The similar plot. Rice is the main crop.  Other crops include wheat, Maize, Pulse, and oilseed.  Intensive subsistence agriculture is common. The thickly occupied areas of the torrential rain regions of the south, Southeast and East Asia.

Profitable Farming Agriculture

In commercial farming crop is grown-up and the natural world is reared for sale in the market. The area defined and the amount of capital use is big.  The majority of the work is done by equipment.  In profitable grain farming crops are full-grown for the marketable purpose.

Wheat and maize are common commercially grown grains. Major areas where commercial grain farming is practiced are temperate grasslands of North America, Europe, and Asia.

These areas are thinly populated with large farm spreading over hundreds of hectare. Major food crops are wheat, rice, maize, and millets.  Jute and cotton are fiber crop.  imperative beverage crops are tea and coffee.