Miracle Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Mehandipur Balaji

Mehandipur Balaji : There are millions of temples of Hanuman ji in India. There is a crowd of devotees on every temple, But the story of Ghata Mehandipur Balaji, Located in Dausa district of Rajasthan, Is different. Mehandipur Balaji is believed to be a very powerful temple of Hanuman ji inspired by divine power to get rid of evil spirits. Many people here can be tied to chains and inverted hangings. Anyone can be surprised by seeing this temple and its miracles. In the evening when Mehandipur Balaji aarti is seen, people with prejudice are seen fighting.

There is a place called Mehandipur Balaji situated between two hills near Dausa district of Rajasthan. This temple is about 65 km from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Bandikui-Bus route. Due to being situated in the valley between two hills, It is also known as Ghanta Mehandipur Balaji.

According to the Hanuman numeral published by Geetaparan Gorakhpur, This temple is about 1 thousand years old. Here, In a very large rock, The image of Hanuman ji itself emerged. This is considered to be the nature of Shri Hanuman ji. In their stages there is a small kundi whose water never ends. This temple and the deity of Hanuman ji here are considered to be very powerful and wondrous and for this reason this place is famous not only in Rajasthan but in the whole country.

The victims are brought in chains

It is said that many years ago Hanuman ji and Prat King appeared on the Aravalli mountain. People come here to get relief from the diseases of evil spirits and dark magic. This temple is considered to be the only path to liberation from these sufferings. The temple’s scholars tell many of these remedies for relief from these diseases. The number of devotees coming here on Saturday and Tuesday reaches millions.

Many serious patients are tied to iron chains and brought to the Mehndipur Balaji temple. Seeing the people coming here, they shudder to the general public. These people tell about the evil spirits sitting in front of the temple in such a screaming, which they do not have any distinction about them. Those who come here for the prevention of ghost phantom upper barriers, keep on straining. Such people return here without any medicines and tantra chanting.

Mehandipur Balaji of Pratraj Raja and Kotwal Captain

Apart from Balaji Maharaj there are sculptures of Shri Pratraj Govt and Mr. Kotwal Kapoor (Bhairav). While the Pritraj government is in charge of the magistrate, Bhairav Ji Kotwal is in office. Only after coming here, It is known that how ghosts and sprites harass hanuman ji beings. When the unhappy person comes to the temple, All the three Devgans have to offer Prasad. Balaji is offered a lump of urad to Laddoo Pratrajraj Rice and Kotwal Captain (Bhairav). Two of the offerings are fed to two laddus patients.

The remaining offerings are put to animal birds. It is said that in the form of animal birds the messengers of the gods are receiving eulogy. Some people keep chasing after listening to Balaji’s name. He believes that the person with the ghostly obstacles should go there only. That’s not right. Anyone – who is devoted to Balaji, Can worship these three gods. Many devotees come regularly in the court of Balaji from abroad and abroad only.

Prasad accounts start churning up suffering people

Prasad’s laddoo accounts only the patient starts to choke. The ghost-pretoria itself comes into its body and starts screaming. Sometimes he lays his head and loses it on the ground. What the victims do here on their own is not possible for a common man.

After such procedures, he comes under the protection of Mehandipur Balaji, And he gets freedom from such troubles forever. The temple of Balaji Maharaj is worshiped in the morning and in the evening for about four to four hours.

Shri Pratraj Raj at Mehandipur Balaji

In the Balaji temple, the Pratraj government is in charge of the rank of magistrate. Chola is also offered on the auspiciousness of the Patraj Govt. Pratrajraj is worshiped as the god who punishes evil spirits. Pratrajraj’s government is indulging in ripe rice. The devotees often take the three gods to the boons of Bundi.

Kotwal Captain Shri Bhairav Dev

Kotwal Captain Shri Bhairav Dev is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and likewise he is also pleased with some of the devotees’ worship. Bhairav Maharaj is a quadrangle. In his hands, Trishul, Damru, Khappar and Prajapati Brahma are the fifth cut shisha. They wear red clothes, not bogmar in the waist. They wrap the bowl. On their idols, roasted roasted beans are mixed in the sesame oil of jasmine.

It is therefore called Kotwal captain

In the scriptures and folk tales, many forms of Bhairav Dev are described, Sri Baal Bhairav and Sri Batuk Bhairav, Bhairav Dev’s hair form. Devotees worship the same form of Bhairav Dev often. Bhairav Dev is the Kotwal of Balaji Maharaj’s army. He is also called Kotwal captain. In Balaji Mandir, your hymns, kirtans, aarti and chalisa are sung with reverence. As a prasad, you are all