Mango shake benefits

Mango shake

The season of mango came and did not make Mango shake , Did anything happen? Everyone likes the taste of mangoes. Mango shake is more delicious than it is, It does not look good to drink milk. But they will not refuse for this shake. So let’s make a Mango shake today.

Ingredients Required – Ingredients for Mango shake  Recipe

To make four glasses Mango shake

  • Cooked mangoes (non-fibers) – 2 mangoes (400 grams)
  • Milk – 400 gm (2 glasses)
  • Sugar – 6-7 teaspoons
  • Ice cubes – 1 small tray

Method – How to make Mango shake  Recipe

Boil the milk and let it cool down.

Peel the common flavor, Cut the pulp of these mangoes into pieces.

Put the mango pieces in the mixer jar, Add sugar, And mash the pulp thoroughly.

Mix milk and ice cubes in the mixture, And repeat it again.

Mango shake is ready. Put the mango shake in the glass and give cold chilled. Mango shake to the children and you also drink it.

Tips Mango shake

Drink a scoop of mango ice cream or vanilla ice cream in the Mango shake, The Mango shake is also delicious.

If there are more common ones, You are not able to experiment yet. Then peel mango powder, Cut the pulp, Add 2 table spoon sugars, Put it in the jar of mixer and grind it. Fill the pulp in the air tight container and keep it, In the freezer, Take the pulp from the freezer at any time for 2-3 months, And prepare shake or syrup from frozen pulp.

Mango about

Mango is as common as the name of Mango is special for our health. And perhaps this is why we also know it as “King of fruits” and all over world, More than fifteen hundred types of mango are found in. Which over 1000 of them are found in India only, Which is enough for us to be proud of being Indian. The summer season i.e. the weather of the holidays and in such a way. The mango holidays and summer looks tasteless.

While the 3 or 4 months of the season, Can also be enjoyed for the whole year (Mango). In the sight of health too, There are so many properties inside. The mango that make it special because in vitamin protein, Fat and fiber are found in large amounts and calcium sodium potassium and copper in minerals Also found in good nutrition. Vitamin ABC is also found in abundance.

Mango shake health benefits

  • Mango shake contains Vitamin C which is very important for our teeth and gums, And besides this there are many benefits of Vitamin C, which we will read in the next post.
  • In addition to Vitamin A, B, C, found in common, There are 25 other carotenoids. That help in keeping the hormonal system, And our immune system smart and efficient.
  • Being a good source of iron is very beneficial for pregnant women and people with anemia, as well as control the level of homocysteine in the blood, Which is very harmful for blood cells.
  • Mango contains tinjinya fiber and also contains pectin and vitamin C,  Which is very useful for reducing blood cholesterol i.e. Also very beneficial for the heart.
  • Mango contains beta carotene which reduces, Your aging rate and also benefits too much for the skin. This makes the skin properly breathing and repairing it too. Due to the fact that the skin starts to become clean and clear.
  • There is only vitamin A in half a day of mango (Mango) due to. Which it also acts like nectar for your eyes. Mango food increases your eyesight (eye sight) and increases. They get shine and dryness is gone.
  • The most important thing is that in Mango. There is plenty of vitamin E, Which is very important for healthy sex life and it has been studied in. The past few days that the results of,  The experiments on rats are very startling.  According to them, Vitamin E is useful for balancing sex life.
  • Mango also contains gelic acid . Which is very beneficial for aharnalini and. Enzymes present in mango help in digestion of proteins and improve our digestion system.