kidney stone treatment

kidney stone

There may be a sign of sharp pain in the lower part of the stomach or in the urinary bladder. This is a problem that any person can have. The pain that occurs in the kidney stone becomes extremely unmanageable. Understanding the disease and staying away from it is very important.

Kidney stone

The problem of kidney stones arises when small stones are formed inside the kidneys. They usually begin to detect middle age i.e., forty years or later.

The chemical elements found in the urine constitute the stones in urine organs. These elements include uric acid, phosphorus calcium and oxygenic acid. Approximately 90 percent of stone stones are formed from Calcium Oxalate.

The pain of kidney stones is usually quite fast. When the stone slips down from its place, then this pain arises. The stone slips from the kidney into the urate and then the urine comes in the bladder.

Symptoms of kidney stone

Most patients of kidney stones complain of severe pain coming from back to stomach.

Complication can be accompanied by pain and vomiting.

Sudden pain in the lower part of the lower back or lower part of the abdomen, which leads to the area of ​​the stomach and thigh.

If there is infection in any part of the urinary system, its symptoms may include fever, shiver, sweating, pain, as well as pain; Urine and frequent urination, stagnation of urine, urination in the night, excess urination in the night, blood in the urine can also come. Pain in the scrotum, abnormal color of urine

This pain arises after living and some remain from several minutes for several hours, it is called “reel croin”

Causes of kidney stone

Patients of urine are formed by the presence of salts and minerals present in urine. When the layers of salts and minerals accumulate in different places then the size of these fine stones increases. All these salts and mineral food items and water have come into the body. Some vegetables like spinach, Arabic leaves and tomatoes contain too many salts.

There are also plenty of salts in ground water. Water of wells or borewells is also the reason for becoming stones. These salts are collected gradually in the body and form stones.

The surface of the stones of phosphate and carbonate is soft and rough stones of oaklate stones. For this reason, blood may be released due to octal stones.

Treatment of kidney stone

The patient should drink at least 5-6 liters of water a day. If you have stones, drink enough water so that 2 to 2.5 liters of urine becomes daily. When the urine is formed in a greater amount, the stomach grows with urine

Diet reduces the amount of protein, nitrogen and sodium in the diet.

Eat food that has high amounts of axletrees; Stay away from cold drinks such as chocolate, soybeans, peanuts, spinach, etc.

Taking the juice of orange juice (juice) decreases the risk of stones.

Doctors also recommend eating Petri pills for grapes and bitter gourds.

Home remedies for kidney stone

Miserly dal

The miserly pulse is very effective in smelting the stone. Kursh can also cook lentils, but drinking pure water of kerala dal is most effective.

Coconut water

Coconut is very beneficial for kidney health. Coconuts waters gets accumulated in stone. Coconut water should be eaten in the morning when it is rocky.

Green cardamom

Hari cardamom also has large medicinal properties. Cardamom intake is beneficial in kidney disease. Green cardamom, kidney juice from the melon seeds and mixed sugar mixed with water, leaves the kidney stones.


Jamun works as a panacea in many diseases including diabetes. It is also very effective in cataract treatment.


Amla does not work only in raising hairstyle. There are also many medicinal properties. It is very effective in smelting kidney stones. Drying of amla powdered radish, the stone becomes melted.


The juice of cumin is very beneficial for health. There are considerable medicinal properties of cumin used in the spices of every Indian house. Grind cumin seeds with sugar and drink it with cold water, they burn the kidney stones.



Sahajanan is the only vegetable that contains abundant antibiotic properties. Chickenpox protects against various types of viral diseases including mizals. Kidney stones are also a mistake because of its intake.

There are also home remedies

Leave mithri, anise, and coriander to soak in water at night. After filtering the water in the morning, make the solution by grinding fennel and coriander and then drink this solution. The stone will disappear.

By taking basil seeds with sugars and milk, stones become melted.

Taking cumin seeds with sugar or honey, stones make a gooseberry with urine.

Kidney stone error is also caused by eating vinegar or vine.