Kailash Temple

Kailash Temple  

Kailash Temple: Hello, Everyone, you may have seen many Shiva temples but today the science. I am about to tell you about which the scientist is surprised is also surprised. Unable to tell any person or science at the time of the construction of this temple.Because this temple is built from the same rock. It goes to the fact that Kailash Temple is 1200 years old. But it does not have any accurate estimation as the rock. But it remains that the rock is older than this temple

Know about Kailash Temple

The Ellora Kailash Temple has been built by the architects of Ellora. There is no shortage left in this temple for Kailash Temple, Kailash Temple is famous in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. The most important thing of this temple is that Kailash Temple is built by cutting the same rock. It is said that it took 18 years to build this temple and 7,000 laborers made it consistently, but scientists believe this temple will take more than 18 years. Because the manner in which the machine is built This temple can not be built quickly, It is located in Ellora’s cave no. 16.

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This temple has been built in the temple of Kailash, Kailash Temple is 2-storey. Ellora village is one kilometer away from this case, this village is called Ellora caves, it is said that this temple was built by the Rashtrakut ruler Krishna I. To see this temple, tourists come from far and away, In which the temple is situated in the cave, there are three caves, the three are caves to Jain Buddhism and Hindu religion. Rdharit here is buzzing with these religious sculpture is also very unique and excellent. The idols that make up this temple show Hindu Buddhism and Jainism.


The remaining temples except The Kailash Temple are said to be Around 600-750 AD. Ellora’s sculpture is unique. After the Gupta period, Such a grand construction was not made in any period of time. Ellora caves are directly related to Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism, So the followers of these religions are crowded here. Apart from this, the whole of the country and the foreign tourists are also lucky for the whole year. There are so many attractions and skills in these caves that all the tourists who come here are surprised to see them. The whole area is very open and quiet. Near Ellora is the temple of ‘Ghrishneshwar Mahadev‘.