The problem’s of Indian agriculture

India is an agricultural country, But there is not a satisfactory state of Indian agriculture. Janavrddhi growth in Indian agriculture production has been lower than the past. For this reason, In 1975 the country’s food problem is complicated. Despite the low level of development is still limited to traditional Indian agriculture. Indian farmers farming business model is not in the form, But it does for a living. Indian agriculture, Lack of capital, Incomplete Land Reform, Marketing and finance-related difficulties, etc.

The old traditional ways of Indian agricultural productivity is very low. Now, Education and agriculture and farmers income in the agricultural sector. A new generation of devices is believed private some improvement in, The economic situation began to come. The following is not a big problem of Indian agriculture, which suffered centuries of Indian agriculture hai.

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The population was growing burden on the land

India’s population of the spinal cord, which in 2001 exceeded 102.82 million is growing. Therefore, The population of the land being the weight is on the rise. Because of population growth, The average of at least one plans to be pale bad ha.
On the one hand, The country’s population is growing in. The large-scale cultivated land per person is becoming less and less, on the other hand, land distribution is very unbalanced. Even today, Farmers in the country, 62 percent of all agricultural land and 90 percent. The total agricultural land of farmers is only 38 percent.

Low agricultural productivity

By 1970, The country’s most developed and many developing countries (Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, New Brazil, ECG’s country, etc.). The Also very low average production level of most of the parts. But the ‘green revolution’ and farmers’ government-issued. Remunerative prices to be kept reminding farmers to tend to a variety of new technology are adopting. Rabi and Kharif crops of mustard and groundnut production. Period men soya Bina government increased by. The higher price is possible to determine can. Today, mustard and see same Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Peanut and soybean producers have become major areas are.
Due to low production

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Fatalistic Indian agriculture farmers

The agricultural production is not enough experience, But a sometimes cold wave. Frost and winter crops or to destroy several times hail. It does not get an award for its workers. It is adopted as a living system, But also in the field of agriculture as a business is not. The desirable amount of product is not available can SV bhava ah

Manure abuse

Excessive fertilizer per year in India from 2.89 million tons. The number of animals and their droppings and urine can be obtained from. In addition, Manure and other waste items about 93 million tons of fertilizer may be available. Unfortunately, Most other rural areas of dung as A fuel is burned in the form of cheap fuel is reduced. As a result, Farms, Fertilizers do not get sufficient quantity of the product is not in good standing.

Currently, in the development of chemical fertilizers in agriculture. Has played an important role. 10.5 kg ha per year in 2005-2006 in terms of consumption of fertilizers nutrition. 128.6 kg more than in 2008-2009. It was. However, The marginal productivity of the soil still remains a challenge. NPK application of its growth and the need to apply for, The appropriate pos anon based on soil analysis.

The limited means of irrigation development

Indian agriculture mainly depends on monsoon. Because even today 41 percent of the total arable land is irrigation. The creation of irrigation through major and medium irrigation schemes in. The country has been enough of a chance. Years 1991-1992 the country’s 81.1 million hectares of land. A total of 102.77 million hectares of irrigation capacity by March 2007 has been the. Such dependence on the monsoon effect that.  The Indian agriculture is dependent on the nature of compassion is.

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Animals at the State OF Indian agriculture

And more important place in Indian agriculture animal is, But his condition is not good. For now, Increasingly, In rural areas to resolve the rent. Power tiller, Well this kind of non-animal-based system for. As motor or Yuba Bela and threshing, Threshers, Is increasingly being used the pump. Today, Animal husbandry, Mainly dairy products, Meat and another animal. Products for animals is becoming especially important. Because the animal is considered to be a too rapid economic unit.

Today, Animal husbandry, Mainly dairy products, Meat and other animal products for animals is becoming. Especially important, Because the animal is considered to be a too rapid economic unit.

Land degradation of power

The productivity of Indian agriculture land due to long periods of continuous use in the heel. Therefore, By their nature, Composting manure or compost and fertilizer full. Java NSA to make for lost, Ground to achieve an increase in electric power demand to be .I’ll.

Land subdivision and UPA khan dana.

90 percent of farmers in India to 38 per cent of the total land is. This means that a farmer at least 0.2 hectares of land are an average. Not only is the country of the twisted piece. On-farm small plots of land that is no