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Humayun Tomb

Opening Time:      6:00 AM Closing Time: 6:00 PM
Close up:                   Closed on public holiday’s
entrance fee:         Indians: Rs.30, (Children up to 15 years free), Others: Rs.500
Address:                  Humayun Tomb, Nizamuddin East New Delhi, and Delhi 110013.
Nearest Metro Station:  Pragati Maidan

Humayun tomb history

Humayun tomb

The Humayun Tomb in Delhi is the primary garden-tomb of the Indian Subcontinent. It is Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, A Persian designer from Afghanistan who premeditated this crypt.

The vault is positioned shut to the Purana Qila or Old Fort in the Nizamuddin East area of Delhi. It was as well the first great stonework organization of the nation. In 1993, UNESCO affirmed this crypt as an earth inheritance place. This is so good-looking places

What time I visit Humayun Tomb I sense first-class there is backyard and vegetation. Water scheme of the Mughal fort is first-class.There are large share and great bandstand. This place is in truth good for a visit with relations. You acquire acquaintance and it helps to the past student in addition.

It was Babur, the priest of Humayun. Who in progress the tradition of bury the departed in ecstasy precincts. Humayun Tomb was custom-built in 1526, Nine years behind. The bereavement of Humayun, By his widow Hamida Banu Begum.

Construct out of red stonework. The Humayun’s Tomb was the primary still garden, Method tomb to be constructing in India. The Humayun Tomb stand in the center of Charbagh method of precincts inclusive with pool connected by a channel.

The major doorway if the Humayun’s Tomb is from the south surface. Although there is an additional doorway from the west surface as glowing.


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