How to growing millet


Hello Friends, Today I will tell you how to sow the millet. “Millet” is a name that has been applied to several. Different annual summer grasses used for hay, Pasture, Silage and grain. The millets most commonly cultivated in Kentucky, Pearl millet and foxtail millet. Are grown primarily as a forage for temporary pasture. If properly managed, They can provide high yields of good quality. Forage in a short period, Without the risk of prussic acid poisoning.

They are very small, roundish with pointed ends and light wheat color. Allow the seed head to dry for a few days to facilitate easy removal of the seeds. Once the seeds are released from the stem allow, Them to dry for a few more days before packing.  The millet is sown after the May-June rain, And is bitten in September-October.  After a few days of planting millets, Narii  gudiya is done, Then it is fertilized. Potash gets nutritious to grow millet, Which it grows well and gradually grows easily with composting water Goes.


Millets need sunlight for harvesting at the time of harvest. It is necessary to have sunlight to dry, After drying, It is collected in one place. After which the millets is separated by cutter. Separate the millets and the straw out of it comes in different straws for cattle. It is useful to eat millets, This crop is very good. This crop does not need much water, because this time is very rainy. . In this season, more crops are sown. Like: Jowar, Millets, Sesame, Moong, Insect etc. are sown. In order to make this crop well, Pesticide medicine is sprayed.
The grain, Similar in nutrient composition to corn, Is richer in protein and fiber.  Millet is very good for eating, And it is very beneficial for the body. Millet is fed to animals. Animals are fed from millets for the animals, Which are fed to animals. It is sown in many places. Like in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhye pradesh Haryana and other places. It is sown in places.