Guoliang Tunnel, China – The Most Dangerous Tunnel of the World


About 40 years ago, in China, the world’s most dangerous tunnel was made Guoliang. Surprisingly, This dangerous tunnel, 1,200 meters long, Was made only by 13 people after 5 years of hard work. It was opened on May 1, 1977, for the people.

Its walls have 30 different sized windows and it is the center of attraction for the people. This is the Guoliang Tunnel created by breaking the Tahenang hills from China. Guoliang is one of the most dangerous tunnels in the world. Forty years ago, life was very difficult today. Guoliang tunnel was constructed in 1972.


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The most dangerous tunnel in ‘Guo Lian Kun’ village in Henan province of China. This path is also called ‘Cliff Corridor’. There are 83 families in this village. Earlier it was only possible to walk on foot and this route connected villages of Huixian, Xinjiang, Henan provinces. Its journey was very difficult.

Crossing the roads

There were about 720 crossing the roads built on steep hills. The village head Shan Mingjing sold his goats and medicines and purchased the hammer and the rest of the equipment.


Stairs built in the middle of the road were extremely dangerous. He was very vertical, narrow and without railing. He was very vertical, narrow and without railing. Given these problems, the people of the village decided to dig tunnels in the hills. 13 people started work on this project and took 5 years to dig the 1,200 meters tunnel.

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The tunnel was five meters high and four meters wide. A 12-ton drill rod and 4,000 hammers were used in the construction of this tunnel. It opened on May 1, 1977. There are 30 different size windows in the tunnel wall. It is the center of tourist attraction in China. It is one of the ten most parked (rising in height) roads of the world.