Giola, Thasos, Greece


Giola, Greece is acknowledged for many of its visitor spots. The country also boasts of lots of beautiful and pleasing beache from many of its islands. From Crete to IOS, The island country has beautiful white sand beaches tourists can get pleasure from themselves in.

But, If you are tired of going to the beach and are looking for a new and sole place in GiolaGreece.  Then you should head to the island of Thasos.

Giola, The pond in the rock, Is situated near the village Astris on, The Greek Island of Thasos. This hard to believe configuration is a lot called the most charming natural swimming pool in the world.

This pool gets its water from the Aegean Sea as rush water’s rise and splash next to the shore.  Stodgy the pool with water. Though, For the reason that the sea pool is separated from the sea by a rock wall. The water in the lagoon stays much warmer.  Than the sea creation Giola a warm and tempting place to swim.
A number of legendary tales enclose this natural marvel.

According to Greek myth, The pool is the eye of Zeus,  And he used it to mole on his mistress. According to one more legend,  Zeus twisted Giola for Aphrodite to bathe in,  So Giola is also called “Aphrodite’s tear”.  At last, mythological Syrens. Who have fascinated sailors with their gorgeous singing were said to have resided here too.
Giola is rather distant and hard to arrive at because of rocky land.  But visitors say the familiarity is well appeal the trip.  A exact must see if you ever find yourself on southeast side of this stunning Greek Island.


Even if it’s a visually dazzling place to sunbathe and swim.  Giola is a bit off the compressed path and not fairly so easy to reach. But receiving there is all part of the fun. You can find guidelines to the lagoo.

Whole with photos showing parts of the driving way and the mountaineering path to the shore.