Flower power

Flower power

Surely there are very few people in the world who does not fancy Flower Power? It is difficult to ignore them that are for sure. You might not want to grow them in your home. But don’t you give a bed full of bright Flower Power a second look? A girl walking by with the fragrant jasmine in her hair is so part of tradition. Or doesn’t a bouquet of well- arranged flowers bring a smile to the most depressed? Flower power, isn’t it?

However, don’t under estimate the Flower Power of a rose. Even a single rose

Is enough to evoke the best of emotions? The rose as a gift dates back to several thousand years. It is said that the beautiful Cleopatra had her palace floors carpeted with rose petals. Wow!

Here is a beautiful myth about the legend of the rose. It is believed that cupid the son of Venus accidentally shot arrows into a rose garden when a bee stung him. These arrows made the roses grow thorns. Later, venues were pricked on her foot by the same thorns and the drops of blood made the roses turn red! That is indeed such a beautiful story.


Roses apart, there are a number of amazingly breathtaking Flower Power all over the world. Here are a few legends about their names.

The common Aster that we often see at the florists in India was named so after its star like blossoms. In Greek it means star. It is said that when Virgo looked down from the heavens and wept, the stardust formed the beautiful asters.

Carnations, another beautiful Flower Power often seen at florists come in a variety of co lures. However, the early variety of carnation was the color of flesh and carnation is derived from an Old Italian word that means complexion.

So the next time you see a Flower Power, remember these interesting legends!