Ayurvedic remedies for reducing obesity



Mix 25 grams of honey in 25 grams of lemon juice and drink 100 grams of hot water daily in the morning and evening, obesity is removed. Obesity is removed by drinking a lemon juice every morning with lukewarm water. Mix 1 lemon juice with 250 grams of water and drink a little salt twice a day for 1-2 months. It reduces obesity. Mix 25 grams of lemon juice and 15 grams of kerala juice for a few days after consuming it. Obesity is destroyed.


By grinding apples and carrots in equal quantity of apples and carrots by eating the empty stomach 200 grams in the morning, the weight decreases and the energy and beauty increase. Nothing should be eaten after 2 hours after consuming it. 3: Pouring radish radish with 3 to 6 grams of honey mixed with water, drinking it twice a day provides relief from obesity.


Mix lemon juice in 100-150 grams of radish and drink it 2 to 3 times a day to reduce obesity. Eat six grams of rice seeds of radish seeds and gum with lye and drink a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon juice from above and the body fat decreases. Mix 6 grams of radish seeds with 20 grams of honey powder and eat about 20 grams of honey and drink it for 40 days, it is less obesity. Mix radish powder in honey is enough to remove obesity.

Mixing sugar candy

Mixing sugar candy, thick fennel and dry coriander in equal quantity and taking one spoon with water in the morning will reduce obesity by reducing excess fat. 5: Grind 15 grams without dissolving lime and mix it with 250 grams of country ghee and filter it in the cloth, lactation of 6-6 grams in the morning and evening reduces obesity.


Grinding the soft and fresh leaves of Basil Basil will make it less fat by consuming the baby with curd. Mix 10 grams of juice of Basil leaves in 100 grams of water and drink it by losing the body’s looseness and excess fat. Mixing basil leaves juice 10 drops and honey with 2 teaspoons in 1 glass water and consuming for a few days reduces obesity.


Put tomato tomatoes and onions a little rock salt before eating it by eating it in the form of a salad is less hungry and obesity is less.


Triphala before bedtime, soak the quantity of 15 grams of Triphala in the warm hot water and after filtering this water in the morning, add honey and take it for a few days. This leads to obesity early. Add Triphala, Trikuta, Chitrak, Nirmmotha and Yuvaing together and add the googl to the decoction. Drink Triphale powder with honey and drink 9 grams of gram twice a day, it is beneficial. Boil 2 spoonful Triphala in 1 glass of water and add sugar candy as desired, it consumes obesity. Liking with Triphala powder and gram of Geiloy 1-1 grams of honey reduces the growth of stomach.


Grind 100 grams of Harad Harad 500 gram, 500 gram salt and 250 grams black salt and mix 20 grams of guarpeth juice in it and mix it thoroughly after drying. Drinking 3 grams per day with hot water every day gives benefits in this.


Grind salt, straw, barley, kantisar, barley and amla in equal quantity and filter and mix honey with it. This eliminates obesity. Make a powder by grinding dry, black pepper, small peepal, gravy, white cumin seeds, asafoetida, black salt and cheetah in equal quantity and grind well. Drinking this powder in hot water with 6 grams of powders in the morning reduces this.

Mixing Geiloy

Giloya, Harad, Bahera and Amla, by adding a mixture of pure Shilajit in it, removes This and reduces excess fat on the stomach and waist. Make 3 grams of giloya and Triphala powder by decoding it and it is reduced by fat lactation with honey twice a month. Make a powder by mixing equal quantities of Giloy, Harad and Narmmotha. Taking 1-1 teaspoon of powdered honey three times a day, there is less skin hanging and more fat.


Drink barley juice and honey mixed with Triphala debris and it ends with obesity.


Guggul, Trikoot, Triphala and Kalimirch make equal quantity by making powder and keep this powder well in anointing oil. Obesity is okay with consuming 3 grams of this powder. Adding 1 to 2 grams of pure gogul with hot water for 3 times a day will reduce.


Massaging daily with sesame sesame oil reduces the fat on the body. 22: Massaging daily with Saraso Saraso oil causes obesity.


Eating yogurt curd reduces obesity.

Cholera buttermilk mixed with black salt and oven mixing is less.

Mixing peepal 4ppal and adding half a teaspoon of honey, it reduces obesity.

Mix 50 grams of carrot juice in 25 grams of spinach and drink the body’s fat (fat) after drinking it. Mixing 15 grams of lemon juice in 50 grams spinach juice and drinking it ends.


Pineapple Eating pineapple every day causes obesity as the pineapple destroys fat.


Regular intake of Isbagoll isbagol is administered by cholesterol and there is no more fat in the body.