Advantages and disadvantages of Smartphone

Now a day’s having smartphone is normally, because it take heaps place in daily life for every person. But we don’t focus on that thinks they harmful for us and our environment also. Smartphone also a reason for pollution and decreasing range of birds. But its help us in lots of field and now it’s a part of our life without Smartphone we are not live approximately even a one hour, It’s a basic need of our world.

Some disadvantages to having a Smartphone

Even if little, users have still found some disadvantages to having a Smartphone for use at home or on the job.  One of the major concerns that people have over Smartphone is that they are classically luxurious to own as nearly every one of these Smartphone need purchasing wireless data devices.

One more large anxiety regarding these phones is that they have normally large amounts of personal and professional data that if the phone is misplaced or stolen, then it is accountability for hacking and uniqueness scam.  If Smartphone’s break, then it is costly because lots of information is stored on them and, The Smartphone themselves are luxurious.

This is very easy to do because most of these Smartphone are very breakable and have glass screens. So safety measures must be taken to protect them.  With all the applications and entertainment options, it would be really easy for users to get distracted at work.  When comparing Smartphone’s to office computers, Smartphone have very restricted memory storage space.

They are not resourceful to use for typing extended reports on the small keyboards. The motion of photos from a Smartphone cannot put back that of a regular camera and most of these phones do not come prepared with a blaze for taking pictures at night.  Also, older people might not appreciate the new skill and the small screens can be hard to use for email and other advanced functions for people with bad eyesight.

Advantages of Smartphone in  classroom:
Check facts:

Almost certainly the most common use of all. Both students and teachers can now find facts within seconds. This can be very helpful when illumination and debating topics.

Take photos: Smartphone can be used as cameras to exemplify work and presentations.

Make videos:

Alike to the last point. For example, videos can be used to record experiments and later contain them in projects.

Carry out tests:

This is most likely one of the most attractive and radical uses of the Smartphone in the classroom. Students can now take quizzes and tests on their Smartphone that were created previous by their teacher. In this way, teachers can gain precious real-time imminent into the information of their students and the usefulness of their teaching. To apply this technique now, download the Exam Time Mobile App for iOS or Android.

Read the news

A lot of teachers frequently comprise news articles as part of their teaching methods (for example, in Economics). With an never-ending amount of news assembly mobile applications, you can carry news and existing relationships into the classroom in an instant.


There are a huge number of dictionary applications that let you to make sure the meaning of a word immediately.


Again, this can help with meaning and clarification of a foreign word just like the dictionary application.


No more lack of memory or perplexity about exam dates or submission deadlines. Now you have applications that allow you to coordinate calendars.

Write down ideas:

Stimulation doesn’t always come. When we want it to. For that cause, try using your mobile device. Smartphone allow us to take down notes any time, any place.

Listen to music:

We have spoken before at distance end to end about. How music helps us to study. As well, You do not need to store your songs if you use services such as Spottily or Sound cloud.


As you well know, a picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason, in many cases, Students find it easier to understand material. When there is an image related to an explanation. Mind Maps are a good example of a tool that helps in this regard.


Smartphone allows you to access capital and material rapidly before an exam. Don’t forget to sign up with Exam Time online and then download the executive app for Android or iOS.


Classes, exercises and presentations often come with time restrictions. Apply your time management by using your Smartphone stopwatch.

Read eBooks:

When education, Applying for a job position or going to University. Reading PDFs and manuals can be mandatory. For this reason, Applications like Kindle allow us to read books and manuals from anywhere.

Edit pictures: The same can be done with images as with videos.

Publish in the class blog:

Class blogs are an progressively more ordinary exercise these days and help expand writing skills. Thanks to your Smartphone, You can write and post articles at any time.

Make presentations:

In its place of having to carry around exterior hard drives and USB sticks. Store the objects in your Smartphone and attach it directly to the projector. Have you tried ‘play mode’ using the Exam Time Mind Map tool?

Remote control:

Whether switching from one slide to one more during. A presentation or stopping and playing a video.  There are applications that allow you to use our Smartphone as a remote control.


The PA system is a thing of the past. If a student must go to the desk or principal’s office. You can talk with them through a text message.

Store Formulae:

Smartphones allows us to store mathematical and scientific formulas close to hand. There are applications that already contain hundreds of commonly used formula. All you have to do is look for them.

Control noise in the classroom:

Your Smartphone can serve as a decibel meter and tell. You when the noise level gets too high. Reward the students by keeping the noise at an agreed level. Recommended application: Too noisy.